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  • Tania Islam

    Amazon store management | Seller Central, Product Research,VA/PA, FBA, Drop-Shipping

    PPC Campaign

    Price: $150.00 Quantity: 20

     I can run PPC Campaign successfully to get a lot of sales and ranking well.  

  • Sk Shahidul Islam

    Amazon Consultant & Seller Central Expert | Product research, FBA, Drop-shipping, Flat file, PPC

    PPC Campaign

    Price: $150.00 Quantity: 20

    I can run PPC Campaign successfully to get a lot of sales and ranking well. 

  • Emmanuel Cabigon

    Amazon Seller Central Expert

    PPC Campaign

    Price: $7.00 Quantity: 1

    PPC management or Listing Advertisement

  • John Britto

    Amazon Sales Expert-VA Services

    PPC Campaign

    Price: $8.00 Quantity: 1

    Running campaigns and sponsored ads is one of the ways to promote and boost the visibility of the products. In a marketplace as huge as Amazon, it is critical to run sponsored ads to get more business. However, it takes a lot of skill to run those ads effectively and get the most out of it. Fab On Go helps you run such sponsored ads by targeting the right set of audience with suitable keywords to attract more visitors and convert them into buyers.


    PPC, Best Deals, Lightenings Deals, AMS - Brand Page Set up,  AMS -Campaigns 

  • Christopher McDonald

    I've built 3 FBA brands that sell over $500k/yr combined. USA/CA/UK

    PPC Campaign

    Price: $150.00 Quantity: 2

    I will optimize two of your PPC campaigns in the following way.

    1. Create/Optimize Auto Campaign - This campaign will be used to generate new keywords and bid on profitable keywords. We will also be able to figure out what keywords are losing you money and block them on this campaign as well as others.

    2.Manual Campaign - This campaign will be have your product / variations layed out in an organized manner so we can adjust bids accordingly. Your 1 pack of something might not do as well as your 4 pack, so we separate them and have better control over data/pricing.

    We add all keywords as broad, exact, and phrase so we can figure out EXACTLY which versions are performing well and bid accordingly, fully optimizing your campaign.

    For 30 days we will monitor these campaigns, looking at them every day and making adjustments as necessary. 

    We will explain in detail everything we are doing and leave you with clear instructions to continue managing them yourself. 

    Or, if you're happy with us managing them continually we would love to handle that for you. : )

  • Mudassar J Saleemi

    9 Years experience in helping amazon sellers succeed

    PPC Campaign

    Price: $15.00 Quantity: 1

  • William Leskinen

    E-commerce / Amazon SEO & SEM & Conversion Optimization

    PPC Campaign

    Price: $100.00 Quantity: 1

    Amazon Advertising Configuration [Amazon Seller Account]

    Create multiple advertising campaigns for parent products and their variations .

    Includes initial project scope phone call, research and implementation within the Seller Central application.

    [Price: $100.00 per 25 Parent Products]

    Self-employed business professional with over a decade of experience in the discipline of managing successful ecommerce businesses including Amazon Stores  

  • Sharon

    Keyword Research and Amazon PPC Expert

    PPC Campaign

    Price: $20.00 Quantity: 1

    In addition to my indepth keyword research, I can help create and structure amazon sponsored ads campaigns with the amazon bulk upload tool so you can start to test lots of relevant keywords to discover 'goldmine' keywords that you will focus on and optimise in your PPC efforts. This is just PPC setup, for retainer optimization and management of PPC, you will need to choose my monthly retainer service

  • John Kennedy


    PPC Campaign

    Price: $10.00 Quantity: 1

    I can manage and optimize your PPC Campaigns. Need help creating coupons or building a giveaway? I can set that all up.

    $10/hr - This can be billed by project or ongoing.

  • Randolf Kim Diokno

    Amazon Traffic and Conversion Specialist

    PPC Campaign

    Price: $500.00 Quantity: 1

    Do you make these 9 mistakes when running your Amazon PPC Campaign?

    1. Wrong Mindset – every seller launch a PPC Campaign but after they set it, they forget it! It needs a certain time, strategy, and goal when running a sponsored ads campaign.

    2. Unable To Expand For Keywords – some seller would actually focus only on main keywords not knowing how long-tailed keywords will give another impact to increase sales velocity.

    3. Not Enough Testing – I’d like to give some time to test how each keyword will respond. Identifying the losers and winners will be the basis for optimization and let it grow.

    4. Not Monitoring Data Reports – this is one of the most common mistakes a seller should do. Knowing the data will give you a clear vision about the performance of your ad. This will allow you to adjust the bid based on your goal.

    5. Hesitant To Spend Money – testing a keyword on a higher bid will definitely give you a headache on ad spends. But from a business-minded standpoint, you need to test everything in order to identify what’s working and does not working. If there’s no pain, there’s no gain.

    6. Stop After Getting Organic Sales – some seller will think to stop a campaign once it already gave you organic sales to reduce ad spend. We all know that the top 3 products are all sponsored ads, top 3 has always been getting the first clicks than organic rank.

    The Amazon Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising platform is a great opportunity to sell more products online. If properly created and managed, a PPC campaign on Amazon can help you sell more inventory faster, while increasing your organic rankings as well.

    In order for me to help you succeed in Amazon PPC Campaign, I’d like to ask you one question that will get you where you want it to be.

    What is your specific GOAL in running your Amazon PPC Campaign?

    Remember your goal. You’re not here just to read my profile since you need someone to manage your Amazon PPC Campaign. You’re here because you want to make money from your Amazon Business and live your life to the fullest.

    GOAL is where everything started… And I’m here to make it a REALITY!

  • Paul Hilary

    Amazon Listing Specialist and Consultant

    PPC Campaign

    Price: $997.70 Quantity: 1

    I will manage your PPC campaigns for 1 month.

  • Dan Boateng

    Reliable, Dedicated and Professional Amazon Service Provider

    PPC Campaign

    Price: $99.00 Quantity: 1

    Please note the price above refers to setup only. If you want me to manage for you, there is an additional cost of $25 per hour.