Available Amazon Services

15 services available

  • Lindsay S

    Amazon Selling Specialist | FBA, Copywriting, Keyword Research, PPC

    Sales Copy

    Price: $100.00 Quantity: 1

    Written Amazon Listing

    Receive a keyword optimized Amazon listing. Includes:

    • Competitor Research & Analysis

    • 1 Keyword Rich Title

    • 5 Bullet Points

    • 150 Word Product Description

  • Tania Islam

    Amazon store management | Seller Central, Product Research,VA/PA, FBA, Drop-Shipping

    Sales Copy

    Price: $100.00 Quantity: 50

     It depends on your requirements.  

  • Diane Boerstler - Over $220,000,000 generated for clients

    Hypnotic Amazon Copywriter - High Converting Amazon Product Listings, Consulting & Training

    Sales Copy

    Price: $450.00 Quantity: 1

    Want a 10X Guarantee on Your Investment?

    Hire Me to Craft You a Hypnotic, High-Converting Optimized Amazon Listing...

    And I'll Guarantee You 10X's What You Pay Me in Return...Sound too good to be true?

    ... I've proven it more than 1,000 times - frequently creating listings that generate over $18k, $59k and even $100k PER MONTH - adding $220,000,000+ to clients sales in the last few years alone...

  • Sk Shahidul Islam

    Amazon Consultant & Seller Central Expert | Product research, FBA, Drop-shipping, Flat file, PPC

    Sales Copy

    Price: $100.00 Quantity: 50

    It depends on your requirements. 

  • Jimi Patel

    Amazon Listing FBA Review SEO PPC - ebay Listing Writing Store Design

    Sales Copy

    Price: $50.00 Quantity: 1

    What's Included

    • Keyword research excel file

    • Microsoft word file with content of

    • Title

    • 5 Bullet points

    • Description

    • Backend search terms (200 char string)

    Requirement From Client: Amazon Product ASIN, Competitor Products ASINs

    Deadline: 1 Days (Approx.)

  • Emmanuel Cabigon

    Amazon Seller Central Expert

    Sales Copy

    Price: $10.00 Quantity: 1

    Inventory Reports, Sales Reports, Return Reports & Other Fulfillment Reports

  • HelloWorld


    Sales Copy

    Price: $3.00 Quantity: 1

  • Dwight Cromie

    Video, Audio & Writing Production Services

    Sales Copy

    Price: $75.00 Quantity: 1

    Sales content and script writing for product and video presentations.  We have over thirty-five years of experience serving all types of clients and industries,  In addition, we can assist you in creating video manuals,  how-to,  demonstration, training, unboxing and marketing videos for your web and social media sites 

  • Mudassar J Saleemi

    9 Years experience in helping amazon sellers succeed

    Sales Copy

    Price: $15.00 Quantity: 1

  • Stephen d'Arc

    12 years of amazon excellence

    Sales Copy

    Price: $150.00 Quantity: 1

    Product Listings optimized on front/back end for latest findings on A9 in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish 

  • John Kennedy


    Sales Copy

    Price: $10.00 Quantity: 1

    I can create compelling sales copy that will help drive traffic to your listing. 

    $10/hr - This can be billed by project or ongoing.

  • Fabriano

    Amazon Listing / E-commerce Branding Strategist - SEO, Descriptions, Photos, Graphics, Full Listing

    Sales Copy

    Price: $250.00 Quantity: 1

    Convert Product Page to Sales Copy


    1. 3 Products listing in the same categories 

    2. Competitors research and analysis 

    3. Title headline research 

    4. Product description

    5. Highlighting your product’s most important features and benefits


    • All photos / graphics are provided by the vendor 

    • Product information sheet

  • Davine Jackson

    Bookeeping | Payroll | QuickBooks

    Sales Copy

    Price: $130.00 Quantity: 1

    “Your Amazon product listing is like a salesman on the shop floor. It has to spark curiosity, grab attention and sell”

    So, thinking of creating a top converting Amazon description that sets you apart in the overcrowded marketplace and pops up in the search results?

    Select my copy writing service and I will make sure your Amazon listing shine! 

  • Seiji Hoover

    Amazon FBA Specialist

    Sales Copy

    Price: $50.00 Quantity: 1

    • 5 professionally written bullet points for your Amazon listing.


     • https://goo.gl/sdBNi3 

     • https://goo.gl/4AEoRv 

     • https://goo.gl/KZ14HQ 

  • Suntec Web Services

    Dependable Outsourcing Since 1999

    Sales Copy

    Price: $8.00 Quantity: 1

    Product descriptions written by our copywriters include:

    • Unique and engaging product title: As part of Amazon product description writing services, our copywriters create original, to-the-point and engaging product titles that captures customer’s attention.

    • Bullet points that provide bite-sized information to customers: As per the guidelines of Amazon.com, our copywriters create five bullet points that highlight product benefits in brief.

    • Pithy and interesting product descriptions: We write easy-to-read and compelling product descriptions that describe product features in detail and compel customers to click the “Add to Cart” button.

    • Brand and manufacturer’s information: We provide brand and manufacturer’s details to help online shoppers differentiate the similar products offered by competitors.