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  • Isaac

    Founder + Sr. Strategist geekspeak commerce


    Price: $0.26 Quantity: 1

    We work closely with numerous manufacturers, brands, distributors and sellers on Amazon every day. geekspeak brings more than scalability, speed & great customer service to your Amazon project. Our team has worked with small vendors, and we've also partnered with large online retailers to help manage catalogs with hundreds of products on Amazon. We can help.



    • Danish

    • German

    • English

    • Spanish

    • French

    • Italian

    • Japanese

    • Dutch

    • Polish

    • Portuguese

    • Swedish

    • Chinese

  • Ashok

    Amazon Listing Expert


    Price: $10.00 Quantity: 5

    5 Product translations on e-commerce marketplaces

  • Keith John Laquinon

    Virtual Assistant, Translator, Social Media Marketer, Product Lister


    Price: $5.00 Quantity: 1

    I can translate English to Tagalog/Filipino and vice versa. I can also translate English to Cebuano/Bisaya and vice versa.

  • Stephen d'Arc

    12 years of amazon excellence


    Price: $29.00 Quantity: 1

    English from/to German, French, Italian, Spanish

  • The PHIFER Group

    Translation, Copywriting - ALL Languages


    Price: $59.00 Quantity: 1

    Keyword research and optimization (for example, using synonyms and common nouns found in the target language) are included in the translation.

    Ask about backend keywords lists, and bulk discounts offered on large orders.